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i am an alien

one day i will break free form this body....this vessel for my prominent soul
i will leave the earth..... and find a more ambitious race
i will then be on my journey to where i am meant to be.
there is ridiculous social problems here which can be solved in an instant
if only we could look at our primal selves
live like the dirty tribes do
be one with our elements
on the earth this is rare and there isn't enough of it here for me to stumble upon easily enough
i will try to find people more of my kind in Africa, Alaska, or Nicaragua
these people will live in harmony with their planet
who love animals but can kill them for the sake of their young...but still use every single inch of the animal they have killed
i find it odd people think i am weird for loving animals so much
to me loving animals is like a necessity, it is like breathing
this is where i belong, where people live as the earth and the air do
if my attempts do not work to join, live among or for a short period of time, or create my own tribe or clan

then i will truly then know i am not meant for this planet
and that is ok
i accept that
but i am sick of what i must surround myself with here on earth
i lower myself down into merely talking about things such as this rather than doing
i lower myself down to people that are too stubborn, unintelligent, or just not seeking anything at all other than bickering or self loathing
i have hope but it is fading

for example recently a few of my friends where planning on BUYING A TEPEE OFF EBAY! which i was astounded .... all you'd have to do is make a tepee first off... it be rewarding and actually real. why BUY a fucking tepee ....it takes the whole purpose of what your trying to represent that you like....if your a person who likes tepees you would never buy one off eBay you'd make one with your own two weathered hands

perhaps i need a change of scenery or a change of people

change is the key to most great things
this i have noticed

PS. i am not including Robbie Monroe Jenkins in any of the statements i've made .... he i have hope for
and he would most likely accompany me in my journeys

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