Wear those flaws as if each bruise were a crown (weakneedlove) wrote,
Wear those flaws as if each bruise were a crown

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busy bee

I have recently read THE LITTLE PRINCE it has changed my pessimistic thinking into positive thinking......i thought i was the only one
but now i see many others are children at heart and in soul in the shell of an adult body

you see
my mind is lost ......... and i act like a small child almost every moment, but i am happy with that somtimes
jacks, kites, marbles, bunnies, puppy dog tails, tea parties, aunt mildas dentures, climbimg trees, building forts, discovering, burying ,and giving people treasures......this my life is consumed with.
i am a TOMBOY
yet somtimes i am a frilly girl
i am the ultimate CRUMB SNATCHER

Daniel Johnston
Russian Circles
i have all seen very recently all were well !
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